Report A Claim

Prompt reporting of a claim (or potential claim) allows the Insurer the best opportunity to protect the rights of the Insured and it is a requirement of the insurance policy.

Submit The Claim Notification
  • Provide us the ACORD Loss Notice(s) applicable to the claim. You can access those forms here:
  • You should also provide us any additional documentation, letters, emails, photos, etc regarding the claim at the same time you submit your ACORD Loss Notice.
  • Email claim documentation to us at
  • Call us at 503-259-3060 and ask for our Claims Department
Obtain Confirmation that the Claim Notification was Received
  • Whether you submit your Insured’s claim to our office or directly to the carrier, make sure you follow up and obtain confirmation that your claim was received. It is your responsibility to make sure the appropriate parties have received and acknowledged the claim documents.
  • It is our standard practice to:
    • Acknowledge receipt of each claim submitted directly to our office.
    • Upon our receipt, provide the carrier assigned claim number and claim examiner’s direct contact information.